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Niyazi Dalyancı “Opening” is the word that has dominated Turkey’s political scene for more than six months now. It seems that the coming winter months would not be able to witness a change of tune unless earthshaking events push this term to the backstage. One of the so-called policy openings concern Turkey’s biggest domestic headache, […]

Niyazi Dalyanci It all started in May when President Abdullah Gul announced that Turkey has an historical opportunity to solve its age-old problem with its Kurdish citizens. “Good things will happen,” Gul added. Then later during a visit to Damascus, chatting with journalists accompanying him, Gul brought a little more clarification to his statement by […]

February 21 is the International Mother Tongue Day, said Ahmet Turk, the leader of the Democratic Society Party (DTP) addressing his party’s parliamentary group meeting at the Turkish National Assembly. “Everybody should be able to use his mother tongue freely,” he went on in Turkish. DTP leader then switched on to Kurdish and TRT 3, […]