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News, Etc. A spate of litigations against military personalities will most likely dominate the political agenda in Turkey after the parliament passed an amendment to the Penal Code enabling civilian courts to try army personnel for serious crimes. One of the first steps was taken by a group of lawyers who petitioned the Van Penal […]

Niyazi Dalyancı The cacophony over the alleged “Action Plan against Religious Radicalism” continued to dominate the political agenda in Turkey as all the actors on opposing sides of the debate entrenched themselves in their positions refusing to yield an inch of territory to their rivals. Two separate meetings within two weeks between Prime Minister Recep […]

Niyazi Dalyancı Whether a document containing plans to undermine the government allegedly written by a colonel at the headquarters of the Turkish General Staff is authentic evidence of the presence of a junta within the officer ranks or a fabrication leaked to the media with the purpose of discrediting the armed forces, dominated the political […]