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Tunc Karacay Public Achievement Program (PAP) originated in the U.S. in 1990. It was jointly created by Hubert H. Humphrey Social Political Institute and Center for Democracy and Citizenship. In Turkey,Public achievement was realized in 2002. Dr.Serdar Değirmencioğlu, a lecturer on psychology at Arel University in Istanbul, introduced PAP in Turkey recruiting volunteers generally from […]

Serdar Cevher Various civil society organizations against sexual discrimination used to organize regular meetings to discuss the classical role of the woman, mostly put forward by family education and supported by national school curricula of young students; but the discussion could not be put on the national agenda for a long time. Although the attitude […]

Pinar Keles Turkey sometimes appears as a country of contradictions that the students coming from four corners of the world to Turkish universities find hard to grasp.A recent example was brought to light by Istanbul Bilgi University’s History Department and Erasmus Club. Last year Bilgi’s History Department together with the Erasmus Students Club organized a […]