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Asli Tunc When I pulled over to the nearest gas station in my neighborhood, a pump attendant approached and asked me which newspaper I would like to have — Milliyet or Radikal? While I was mumbling something in astonishment, he had already dropped a copy of free Milliyet in the back seat of my car […]

Aslı TUNÇ Leaving 22 degrees of lovely spring weather back home in Istanbul, I was on a plane with dozens of extremely silent Finnish passengers heading up North to Helsinki. As an experienced traveler, I had already read Finnish history, culture and about five must-see places in the city (such as Uspenski Cathedral, National Museum, […]

Aslı TUNÇ In the beginning of every academic year, I ask my students where they get their news from and how many of them actually buy a newspaper. In the last eight years of my teaching at Bilgi, fewer and fewer hands rise for purchasing of newspapers and more hands for the online news sources. […]

Asli Tunc First a television channel then an Internet site and now a daily newspaper with exactly the same name —HABERTURK — came into our lives on March 1. The insistence on this overused title for a new brand seemed to be puzzling for many people but despite the confusion, HABERTURK (HT) daily claimed to […]

Asli Tunc The presenter on a popular Turkish TV was trying to hide her feelings while reporting the crash of the Turkish Airlines plane in Amsterdam a couple of weeks ago. Allegedly the Dutch emergency crew intentionally had not come to the rescue of the pilots and wounded passengers and kept them waiting for 45 […]